Results and objectives

 Area of interest    Declared objectives for 2008    Activities performed    Targets for 2009  
Reporting systems   Consolidating the Sustainability ReportThe report expresses Autogrill's socio-environmental results, along with the economic ones, so as to evaluate the responsibilities and sustainability of its actions. It is a report which is based on a triple approach: (Triple Bottom Line or Triple P Approach) which takes into consideration the person (People), the environment (Planet) and the profit (Profit). Package to gradually extend certain socio-environmental indicators to newly acquired companies. Defining the CSR Key Performance Indicator(KPI) These are financial and non-financial indicators often used as coefficients to quantify the objectives and monitor the Company's performance (projects or departments) as to activities otherwise difficult to measure. (CSR-KPI).   Consolidated information gathering methods in the historical companies and gradually introduced them in the new companies (World Duty Free and Aldeasa). Due to the significant broadening of the Group ‘s business area in the Retail Travel sector, the CSR-KPI gathering was postponed.   Implementing a computerized system for sustainability reporting. CSR-KPI gathering on semestral basis. 
StakeholderAll those easily identifiable individuals and/or groups which have a common interest in the organizations decisions: the staff, trade union organizations, Shareholders, consumers, suppliers, non-profit organizations, State and local communities. involvement   Involving staff in defining the Group’s New Code of EthicsThis summarizes the ethical principles, fundamental values and general rules of conduct (rights and responsibilities) through which the company defines its ethical and social responsibilities towards its stakeholders and publically commits to respecting them.. Workshop on CSR. E-learning on CSR.   With regard to the first two goals, due to the acquisitions of the first semester of 2008, we preferred to wait for the conclusion of the Group’s integration process, while for the e-learning courses we preferred to further develop the Group’s intranet project, foreseeing also a section and a newsletter dedicated to sustainability topics. During 2008 the following activities have been performed: - Focus group in Italy to develop the new Spizzico concept. - Research for valorizing foreign staff - International competition of ideas “Spirito di Stella” - Cooperation with non-profit organizations and associations in the environmental field.   A 2008 Sustainability Report roadshow. Further involving stakeholders in projects and internal initiatives. Developing a Group intranet. Launching a newsletter dedicated to sustainability topics through which we aim to train staff and increase their awareness. 
Social  Focus on workplace safety Human resources valorization.   SA8000 certification for Autogrill Italy. OHSAS18001 certification for World Duty Free. People Care project and female-oriented training program for Autogrill Italy. Agreements with kindergartens for the headquarters of Autogrill Italy and Spain. Academy: training and development management program for Autogrill Italy Store Directors. Implemented Group’s donations by 41%.   Progressively reducing workplace accidents. Focusing on Diversity ManagementDM is used for projecting and implementing organization management tools and procedures for human resources so that the potential advantages of diversity (gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity/nationality) can be maximized and the potential disadvantages minimized. DM was developed in the United States and spread mostly in Anglo-Saxon Northern-European countries.. Development Center for Autogrill Italia Area Managers, a manager competency development program which is divided into group and individual coaching activities.  
 Environment  Implementing and sharing best practice inside the Group’s Companies. Realizing the first sustainable Autogrill built according to energy saving criteria and respect for the environment. Monitoring operating procedures to reduce energy and water consumption.   Inaugurated the new eco-sustainable sales point in Mensa di Ravenna. PartnershipThis expression means a close cooperation in which two or more organizations find themselves sharing certain goals and make their operating resources available to each other in order to reach common goals. in the building of the Archeo Mall, service area which merges archeological valorization with environmental awareness. Launched the process efficiency monitoring project (consumption, materials, restoring, etc) in most of the countries where Autogrill operates. ISO 14001 certification for Autogrill Italy (2 locals and headquarters). EMAS certification for Autogrill Italy headquarters.   Rationalizing operating procedures and implementing technological system efficiency with regard to consumption and emission reduction, also evaluating the use of renewable sources within the biennium 2009/2010. EMAS certification for the Brianza Sud sales point. Defining environmental criteria to be added to supplier evaluation. Defining an ecological car fleet policy for the Group.