How to read the Sustainability Report

The 2008 Sustainability ReportThe report expresses Autogrill's socio-environmental results, along with the economic ones, so as to evaluate the responsibilities and sustainability of its actions. It is a report which is based on a triple approach: (Triple Bottom Line or Triple P Approach) which takes into consideration the person (People), the environment (Planet) and the profit (Profit). was compiled using a reporting system that gathered the data and information from the Group's various companies and the relative analyses they performed on sustainability topics. We used the gathered information to clarify and evaluate certain sustainability topics considered by Autogrill to be more relevant as to their direct influence on the Company and indirect influence on the stakeholderAll those easily identifiable individuals and/or groups which have a common interest in the organizations decisions: the staff, trade union organizations, Shareholders, consumers, suppliers, non-profit organizations, State and local communities..

The Report topics have been grouped under the principles of MaterialityThe principle defined by the GRI-G3 regarding the definition of the Sustainability Report's contents imposes that the information contained in the document must refer to topics and indicators which reflect the significant economic, environmental and social impacts or which could substantially influence stakeholders' evaluations and decisions., CompletenessThis principle defined by the GRI-G3, regarding the definition of the Sustainability Report's contents, establishes that subjects and indicators, as defined in the report's context must reflect economic, environmental and social impacts and allow the stakeholders to evaluate the organization's performance in the period it refers to. and Stakeholder Inclusiveness, along with the sustainability context defined by GRI guidelines, to provide a well-balanced and reasonable presentation of the Group's performance. These principles represent the starting point for an integrated and transversal management of Autogrill Group's activities in its different locations and business sectors.


The content of this year's Report has been modified to illustrate the most relevant aspects of the Autogrill Group with more transparency and provide the reader with an easier and more intuitive localization of the information.

The Sustainability Report should be read along with the "Financial Statements and Reports," and the "Report on Corporate GovernanceThis is the system of internal rules that defines the distribution of rights and responsibilities among the Company participants (Directors, managers, shareholders, stakeholders).". All are available on the Group's website www.

The data contained in the Report, prepared annually, refers to our subsidiaries as of December 31, 2008, unless otherwise indicated. The Sustainability Report reflects the business sectors discussed in the "2008 Report and Accounts" document where the Group is divided into three business sectors: food & beverage; travel retail & duty-free; and in-flight. However, due to the difficulty in identifying the sustainability aspects of in-flight (which represents approximately 7% of the Group's turnover) and the need to capillarily implement the Sustainability Package, the Report focuses only on the quantitative data regarding social and environmental sustainability of the two macro sectors, food & beverage and travel retail and in-flight. For further clarity the subdivisions of the business sectors are reported below:

  • The food & beverage category comprises the activities based in North America, Pacific Area and Europe. Their representation doesn't strictly reflect the juridical entities which make up the Autogrill Group nor the holdings but gives a simplified indication of its organization;
  • The travel retail and in-flight categories include Aldeasa, World Duty Free Europe and Alpha Group, and their operating companies, which have enabled the strengthening of the Group's world leadership in catering and retail services for travelers.

Finally, to keep the data from the Hyperion system (which enables automation of the periodic consolidation accounting procedures and compiling the document "Financial Statements and Reports") consistent with the information from the Sustainability Package (the reporting system with which information is gathered from the countries in which the Group operates in compliance with the guidelines from the Global Reporting Initiative GRI-G3) some adjustments have been made. The adjustments are only related to the data in the "Human Resources Management and Valorization" section and, present a gap which is inferior to 9% of the total data. Furthermore, this nominal percentage should be put into perspective with the significant broadening of the Group's area of business following the acquisitions of the first semester of 2008 in the travel retail and in-flight sectors. The aggregate data generated by estimates will be specified inside the document.

Economic and financial information

Due to the mainly local connotation of the business, both revenue and costs and investments are almost completely in local currency. Furthermore, the Group has an exchange risk policy partially financing the majority of its main assets in currencies other than Euro with debts incurred in those same currencies or through exchange operations which bring about the same result. The average Usd/Euro ($/€) exchange rate rose from 1.3707 in 2007 to 1.407 in 2008 (which corresponds to a depreciation of the Usd against the Euro of approximately 6.8%). On December 31, 2008 the $/€ exchange rate, equaled 1.3917, while on December 31, 2007 it equaled 1.4721. Following acquisitions of the Alpha Group in 2007 and World Duty Free Europe in 2008, the Great Britain Pound has become the Group's second most relevant currency after the Euro. The average Gbp/Euro (£/€) exchange rate rose from 0.6839 in 2007 to 0.7963 in 2008. The £/€ exchange rate, that on December 31, 2007 equaled 0.7333, reached 0.9525 on December 31, 2008.

Unless otherwise stated, figures provided in the Report are in millions of Euros (abbreviated as m€) or in thousands of Euros (abbreviated as k€)

Interactive Sustainability Report

On its path towards sustainability the Company has decided to eliminate hard copy versions of the Report. The Report is provided in an interactive version accessible from the internet website, section "Sustainability", and in the traditional version which is downloadable from the same website. This decision was made so as to reduce the impact of the Group's activities on the environment and to introduce an innovative approach based on the sharing and exchanging knowledge.

Thanks to this solution, that reconciles the style of the hard copy version with the practicality of the web, our readers will be able to rapidly and efficiently surf the document directly online, and print only the pages of interest.