Message of the CEO

Amministratore Delegato di Autogrill

To all Autogrill Group Stakeholders,
With this fifth edition of the Sustainability Report, Autogrill intends to provide once again a complete and transparent picture of its efforts in the social and environmental fields. An effort which has not been diminished by the economic crisis that, starting last summer, has affected all sectors and countries in which we do business.

On the contrary, today, more than ever, it is impossible to think that reducing our water consumption, recycling waste and using alternative energy sources are simply a nice to have for company image.

In reality, these are crucial competitive elements which we must keep into account in a client-supplier relationship and when relating to the end customer. We are facing historic changes which are clear signals for corporations, so, through imperfection and the screwdrivers of the mechanic, new balances must be sought, always to be renewed, always to be gazed upon with a critical eye. With this philosophy, Autogrill progresses seriously and concretely, year after year on its path of corporate social responsibility, by applying codes of ethics, acquiring important certifications (SA8000 for Autogrill Italia and OHSAS18001 for World Duty Free), paying attention to diversity management, realizing new eco-sustainable buildings which are more energy-efficient, reducing water consumption, recuperating and recycling waste and packaging, etc. A plurality of approaches and actions, well summarized by the Afuture project, born during 2007, and more effective every day as stimulus and flywheel of a corporate vision based on ethical principles and sustainable practices.

For Autogrill the year 2008 was also marked by important organizational transformations which led to the development of a retail sector of global relevance alongside the traditional catering activities. The full integration in the Group of the Spanish Aldeasa, the British World Duty Free and Alpha represented and represents a concrete testing ground for Autogrill's progress in corporate governance and development of an innovative and integrated managerial logic. A managerial logic which considers constant dialogue, open and mutually enriching, both within and outside the company, an essential component and opportunity for the development of managerial models which can take full advantage of cultural differences and, for this reason, be highly competitive in the medium-long term.

Gianmario Tondato da Ruos