The road to sustainability

Internal Audit re-organized, reportingdirectly to the CEO and structure requalifiedby introducing risk assessmentpolicies.

Approved and issuedthe Autogrill S.p.A.Code of EthicsThis summarizes the ethical principles, fundamental values and general rules of conduct (rights and responsibilities) through which the company defines its ethical and social responsibilities towards its stakeholders and publically commits to respecting them..Adopted CorporateGovernance Codeissued by the ItalianStock Exchange.Constituted InternalControl Committee; theInternal Audit reportsto the Internal ControlCommittee.Approved and adoptedthe Internal DealingCode.

Implemented an Audit Plan based on risk analysis of the Group's activities.
Complied with Legislative Decree 231/2001 referring to Corporate Responsibility by defining an Organization Model and creating a Surveillance Body.
Autogrill Italy obtained the ISO 9001:2000 certification and conformed to guideline 10854:1999 which refers to projecting and realizing a self-monitoring system based on the HACCP method.

Extended Code of Ethics to all theEuropean subsidiaries. Carried out aGroup procedure within the InternalDealing Code framework to identifythe Relevant People.Assigned CSR responsibility to theInternal Audit.Launched the ASIDE project (AutogrillSocial Identity) to involve the entireGroup in sustainability topics, whichled to issuing the Group's firstSustainability Report.

Nominated the Independent Directorswhich form the Internal ControlCommittee.Launched the Control Risk Self-Assessment project.Published the second GroupSustainability Report certified by theKPMG auditing company.

Updated to the new Corporate ResponsibilityCode of the Italian Stock Exchange.Developed a new reporting system, theSustainability Package, created on the basisof new GRI-G3 international guidelines forthe purpose of preparing the Group's thirdSustainability Report.Autogrill Italy obtained the UNI EN ISO14001:2004 certification for the headquartersand two sales points.Autogrill France obtained the NF EN ISO9001:2000 certification for projecting andproviding catering services in the airport ofMarseille.Launched AICS-FR (Autogrill Internal ControlSystem on Financial Reporting) project aimed atcomplying with the law 262/2005.

CSR Workshop. The first international CSRworkshop was an opportunity to brief topmanagement in all the Group's companieson the most recent theories and trends inCorporate Social Responsibility and toanalyze examples of companies especiallyactive in the social and environmental fieldin order to decide actual improvements toenable sustainable developmentA kind of development aimed at satisfying the needs of the present generations without compromising the possibilities of the future generations to satisfy their own. Sustainability requires reconciling three dimensions related to economic, environmental and social balance. of Autogrill'sbusiness. The first CSR survey was carried outfor this occasion, based on a sample of 100Group employees.Interactive Sustainability Report. Alongwith being printed in English and Italian thedocument was also realized in an interactiveversion connected to the group's corporatewebsite.Implementation of Italian Law 262 project.Autogrill implemented the Autogrill InternalControl System on Financial Reporting (AICSFR)project for the purpose of complying withLaw 262 of 28 December 2005 ("InvestorProtection Law") and of further strengtheningits internal controls.This system was adoptedby the Group's principal companies during2007.

Afuture Web Conference. A first internal web conference wasorganized, linking up Autogrill headquarters staff in America,Europe and Asia for the first time, for the official launch of theAfuture project and to decide new ways of doing business,based on principles of Sustainability. The web conferencewas a new way to reduce travelling staff and therefore CO2emissions.

"Autogrill Group Meeting". The first Group managementmeeting was held in Treviso. This was an importantopportunity for the colleagues of recently acquired companiesto meet and discuss more in depth Autogrill's history and thecomplexity of its business sectors.

SA8000 Ethical Certification. Autogrill Italy obtained the SA8000:2008 ethical certification which proves theCompany's commitment to promoting human and worker'srights, against exploitation of minors, guaranteeing health andsafety of workplace.

ISO14001 Certification. The World Duty Free sales pointsobtained the ISO 14001 environmental certification whichproves the substantial effort the company made in minimizingthe environmental impactAny fact, positive or negative, total or partial, connected to activities, products or services for which an organization is responsible, that may modify the environment. of its processes, products andservices and certifies the reliability of its applied environmentalmanagement system.

"Administrative Responsibility Guide Lines for the Europeansubsidiaries". This project was drafted and approved byAutogrill's Board of Directors. This document analyzes theregulations in effect in various countries as to organizations'responsibility in order to provide a guideline to the AutogrillGroup's European companies for developing their ownorganization model.

Policy Risk & Control Management System. Guidelines havebeen agreed for the purpose of standardizing the way thatAutogrill's Internal Audit personnel operate and report. Thiswill result in the standardization during 2008 of the tools usedby the different local units, and the development of a commonframework for Internal Audit programs and activities, making iteasier for the Group's internal auditors to exchange informationand knowledge.