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Creating economic value is an absolute necessity for running a business, on which its existence and perpetuation depend. On the other hand, it would be reductive and unrealistic to believe that a company is an organization exclusively aimed at creating profit. As a matter of fact, profitability as the sole dimension of market value is not sufficient for providing a true and correct picture of the quality and complexity of company management which must be able to meet all of its stakeholders' needs. The capacity to meet these complex and variegated needs grants companies the opportunity to earn social legitimization and, more importantly, the reputation which enables the company to operate successfully in the marketplace. The economic dimension of corporate action must be completely valorized and correctly contextualized in the complex role that it plays with community. This is even more important in an objectively difficult economic period like that which began in 2008 and continues into 2009. Precisely from the awareness that the corporation today is facing difficult challenges descends the necessity to carefully safeguard the production of economic value and continue giving transparent, punctual and exhaustive communications to stakeholders, who will benefit from the produced wealth thanks to the Company's socially responsible approach.

Autogrill's responsability

The challenges posed by the international context have led the Group to monitor, manage and calculate activities not only by their economical dimension but also according to their social and environmental aspects. Sustainability for Autogrill is understood both as an important factor for staff involvement and motivation, and as a catalyst for innovation, vital for increasing the competitive advantage that is required to differentiate oneself in the market. Today the leadership of a company is based on the ability to manage business by striking a balance between the financial and the social-environmental dimensions. Over time, this means finding economic solutions which are also eco-compatible and working to ensure that the interests of the company coincide with the interests of stakeholders.

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