The social dimension

The scenario

The social dimension of sustainability has multiple facets and implications for all organizations and these must be considered both as elements to be monitored and managed, as well as opportunities for business improvement. Employees seeks good internal relations, career opportunities and a balance between work and family life. Customers, on one hand, require products that are natural and functional, while on the other they are searching for products and services that guarantee pleasant purchase and consumption experiences. Business partners require transparency and fairness in relationships. The community wants to be evermore involved in decisions made by organizations which will effect the local socialeconomic structure and the environment.

Autogrill's responsability

For a corporation like Autogrill, active on an international level, offering services to people on the move, it is fundamental that managers from different cultures carry out a virtuous business model which is able to interact in a common language. Paying attention to internal social aspects of an organization that branches over 43 countries and sees different cultures and ethnicities side by side, is a responsibility that Autogrill feels strongly about. In this scenario human resources valorization, pursuit of a transversal product offering, attention to new eating habits and orientations, collaboration with reliable business partners and the positive effects that can derive from the local community's support are all aspects of strategic importance.

Topics addressed

Main social indicators

Human resource

Consumer offer

Partner relationship

Investing in the community