The environmental dimension

The scenario

Environmental issues nowadays affect all citizens and all productive sectors imposing the necessity to preserve natural resources, regenerate them and safeguard them for future generations. Market reasons force to companies to pursue business models that are able to collect and re-establish the Earth's resources that are already strongly damaged in their regenerative capacities. Safeguarding biologic mechanisms and responsible use of resources, especially renewable and clean energy sources must be considered an absolute priority.

Autogrill's responsibility

Although Autogrill isn't a company with a strong environmental impactAny fact, positive or negative, total or partial, connected to activities, products or services for which an organization is responsible, that may modify the environment., it feels it has a responsibility to reduce energy, water and raw material consumption and promote clean renewable energy. For this reason Autogrill created the Afuture project, with various initiatives to encourage "innovation, less impact on nature and proximity to community and stakeholders". The project's philosophy is to shift the entire Autogrill Group towards a competitive and sustainable growth of the organization.

Environmental dimension of sustainability


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